The New Normal Is a Deception

This blog starts with a few thoughts about Bill Gates and ends with a criticism of his globalism and the idea of a “NEW NORMAL” that’s being pushed by him and other control freaks.

Martin Armstrong correctly nails Bill Gates on the relation between fertility and child health. Gates is on record as claiming that if he vaccinates enough poor children in poor countries and they survive, then the parents will lower their fertility and have fewer children. (Gates is then pleased because he thinks there will be a lower world population, something he favors, but that’s peripheral to the analysis of family size.)

Gates has it wrong, Armstrong says. Armstrong points out that having fewer children is associated with economic advancement. When people advance economically, then they have fewer children. If poor people have two healthy children, they will still go on to have more children because they remain poor. The reasons are that children bring in agricultural income and they customarily care for their elders in their old age, there being no welfare state.

Gates has omitted the main variable, and that is the wealth of the parents. Gates is unaware of the analysis of fertility of Gary Becker, and Armstrong may also be unaware of it. Nonetheless, Armstrong scores strongly against Gates. His sharp criticism of Gates’s argument goes nearly the whole distance.

Becker analyzes children as durable goods. He argues “Thus an increase in income should increase both the quantity and quality of children, but the quantity elasticity should be small compared to the quality elasticity.” As wealth rises, people have fewer children, but they invest more in their quality, meaning goods like their health and education. This holds empirically.

Not many people like Gates are going to know about Becker’s work, much less read it, understand it, and accept it. If Gates did understand Becker, he would realize that he’s not going to lower population growth by vaccinating the children of poor families. Instead, he’d see that their fertility will be most influenced by their economic improvement and higher incomes.

From this it follows that Gates is simply ignorant of the economics of fertility and family size. Successful people in business need not know many things in economics. Gates, like any of us, is limited. His money doesn’t confer knowledge or wisdom, virtue or character upon him.

Bill Gates made a lot of money with operating systems programmed to control computers. At this point, he has more money than he can consume. He thinks of human beings as if they were computers in need of control. He thinks that controlling their health is the entry point to controlling them altogether. This hypothesis is more or less that which is to be found in the Corbett Report.

Gates and some other super-rich people are gradually trying to take over the world by melding governments (including the UN), foundations, supposedly non-government organizations, and corporations into a new kind of structure that they control. They do not think in terms of liberty or of individuals.

If some people like Gates want to monitor everyone and know their every move, or make this all available to governments and global institutions, privacy vanishes. Independence is threatened. The prospects of oppression, abuse and control rise exponentially.

COVID-19 is an episode. It is a tragic reality for those who’ve died because of it or whose deaths were hastened by it. There is no NEW NORMAL. This epidemic is part of the old normal, and that has not changed. People who are adopting the idea of never returning to normal or the idea of a NEW NORMAL are playing into the hands of people like Gates. They’re trying to get inside your head. They want to advance their agendas. They want to control you.

We are going back to where we were, and we are going back soon. We are not waiting for some vaccine or other. Our lives do not depend on a vaccine rushed into production. We are not going to stay 6 feet apart and we’re not going to keep wearing masks. We are going back to where we were.

We are going to breathe life into liberty and give it new meaning. We are going to revive it, and we’re going to act like men, not wimps, and that expression takes in the strong females among us, of which there is no shortage. We are going to bear the risks of life. We are going to exercise our common sense and not be waiting for some cure dispensed by Fauci, Trump, Gates or anyone else.


9:28 pm on May 27, 2020