The Neocon Take on Egypt

FOX News recently rolled out its expert on “diplomacy,” neocon John Bolton (the guy with the white Hitler mustache) to explain to us Rubes why the U.S. military may have to intervene in Egypt. It would not be in “our” national interest to have a “hostile” government in Egypt, he said.

Thanks, John, for defining for us all what “our” national interest is. We could never have figured it out ourselves. One problem, though: the only explanation that he gave of why it is in MY interest that the U.S. government either keeps its current CIA puppet in power in that country, or replace him with a clone, is that the politicians in Israel would not like it otherwise. He said nothing at all about how an alternative outcome would affect a single American citizen one way or the other, while ludicrously denying that Mubarak, who has been in power for 30 years, is not a dictator. He’s an “authoritarian” but not a “totalitarian,” Bolton soothingly assured us.

While I’m on the topic, why are we all supposed to assume that the Egyptians (and other Arab states) would want to shoot themselves in the foot economically by closing off the Suez Canal and preventing themselves from selling us their oil?

Updates:  Brian B. takes issue with my “white Hitler mustache” comment.  He thinks “white Stalin mustache” would be more accurate.  Robert G., on the other hand, writes that it looks more like a Captain Kangaroo mustache.  JD reminds me that Bolton, like all other neocon celebs, is a Chickenhawk who was never in the military himself, although he was “of age” during the Vietnam War.  His excuse was that the liberals in Washington will screw it up, so why bother.


8:19 pm on January 30, 2011

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