• The Moral Depravity of the U.S. is Unlimited

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    An MRI scan is a modern technique to use magnetic resonance imaging to detect abnormalities in the human body. It’s a common medical tool. Imagine sending someone to jail for 20 years for only one charge of several assembled in his alleged crime of shipping a component coil to the Netherlands where it would be shipped to Iran for medical use. That’s the potential penalty in the case of a former Iranian and now American citizen, a Ph.D. scientist, who is alleged not to have obtained an export license to ship the coil. This is a piece of what is meant by sanctions on Iran.

    Furthermore, in addition to the wickedness of government sanctions, the justice system in the U.S. is also wicked and cruel by hitting the man with these charges: “conspiracy to export to an embargoed country, conspiracy to smuggle goods, money laundering and obstructing justice. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison on the first count alone.”


    2:09 pm on March 24, 2014