The Minimum Wage Law Helps The Unskilled? No

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Subject: Minimum Wage

Hello Dr. Block.

It was a pleasure to meet you in person and to shake the hand of the hand that shook hands with Murray.

There is also a video of your leap over the minimum wage barrier from your presentation on my Read Rothbard YouTube channel:

Q. – Supporters of the minimum wage argue that it will put more money into the hands of more people, thus giving a boost to the local economy that more than offsets the “modest” price increases that would result.  What is your favorite way to take this argument apart? Cordially, D

Dear D: Your argument assumes the minimum wage “will put more money into the hands of more people.” Not so, not so. Suppose we raise the minimum wage to $100 per hour. You think that the people now making, oh, $10 per hour will be paid $100? No. They will all be fired. Such a minimum wage “will put LESS money into the hands of more people.” Well, very temporarily, a very, very few people might actually get that $100. But it will only be for a short time, if at all.

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