The Media’s Audacity in Mendacity

It’s old news of about a century’s standing that the corporate media lies every time its talking heads speak or it prints a single word, even about the weather.

It’s also old news 18 months into the plandemic that propaganda has entirely displaced even the weakest attempt at journalism. Still, some examples are so breathtaking that even we jaded observers shake our heads.

I shook mine until I nearly dislocated my neck when I came across this whopper while reading Dr. Mercola’s recent article, “The Error at the Base of the Nebulized Peroxide Controversy”:

…the AAFA [Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America] also cites the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, which notes that:

“Hydrogen peroxide can be toxic if ingested, inhaled, or by contact with the skin or eyes… .”

Ahem. I am living proof that peroxide isn’t even remotely poisonous in “contact with the skin”: my favorite remedy for any cut or scrape is soaking it in that wonder drug—as well as any clothing my injury has spotted. I’ve also used peroxide as a mouthwash, so I’ve probably ingested some to absolutely no ill effect. And, on the good doctor’s advice, I nebulized peroxide this summer when an intractable head-cold assailed me.

So the Agency (there’s our first clue to disregard its agitprop) for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has blatantly slandered H2O2.

“But it’s a bureaucracy,” you’re objecting, “not part of the media. Well, at least not technically.”

Ah, but the media in the form of the Washed-Up Toast–ummm, Washington Post quoted the AAFA’s charlatans as well as “Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate [sic for ‘Center for Countering–Heck, for Harpooning Any and All Truth’], who

said he blames Mercola for advancing hydrogen peroxide as a coronavirus treatment.

He called hydrogen peroxide ‘a really volatile chemical and a bleaching agent,’

Thank God, or blood would still stain the white shorts I was wearing when I fell on my bike last week.

and expressed concern that even saline-diluted solutions could be harmful if used instead of legitimate treatments or vaccines.

What poppycock!—as LRC’s astute readers are no doubt shouting with me.

But these obvious and cavalier deceptions are small potatoes compared to those in a couple of articles Rocco Piserchia forwarded on Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. You may recall that this Rethuglican is trying to protect North Carolina’s schoolkids from rank pornography. And once again, the media’s monumental fibs stunned me.

One headline blares, “Lt. Gov. Robinson angry, defiant amid controversy over LGBTQ comments.” Read the gentleman’s comments and tell me whether any of them sound even slightly “angry” or “defiant.” The article also features an interview with him on video; I didn’t watch the entire 11 minutes, but what I saw shows Mr. R serene and unflappable as he explains for the umpteenth time (were I he, I’d be frothing at the mouth by now with impatience and frustration) that he opposes the LGBTLMNOP’s recruitment of students via explicit and obscene indoctrination, not sodomites and transsexuals per se:

Robinson insisted during a Tuesday afternoon news conference outside his office that he was targeting some LGBT-themed books and not any individual.

“This issue has been twisted into something it is not,” he said. “When I stood on that [Seagrove] pulpit on that Sunday and referred to ‘filth,’ I was not talking about any person. I was talking about materials that are being presented to our children that are absolutely inappropriate.”

To prove his point, Mr. R “displayed images from ‘Gender Queer,’ a graphic novel with images that depict sexual fantasies and behavior among its characters.” What sort of sewage defends foisting this evil on little kids? But that’s why we have Dimocrats: they not only strenuously defend this debauchery, they damn Mr. R as if he’s the pervert.

Then the propagandists pull a bait-and-switch as conspicuous and insouciant as their deceit:

“These materials do not belong in our schools, not in the classroom, not in the hallways, not in our libraries,” [Mr. R] said, noting that the images could be considered child pornography. …

“These books in question are not taught in our schools,” [Wake County Public School System spokeswoman Lori] Roach said … . “They are not included in any curriculum. In some schools, they are available in the school library for students to check out.”

But Mr. R never stipulated that they “are taught in our schools.” His concern is that they contaminate the educational gulags wherever they lurk, whether in the libraries or elsewhere.

Despite the intense pressure and persecution besetting Mr. R, the second article incredulously announces that our champ “declines again to apologize for anti-LGBTQ remarks.”

Magnificent! Many of PC’s victims with a mere fraction of Mr. R’s valor and honesty have retracted their little kernels of truth as soon as a snowflake melted in their vicinity. How refreshing to behold a confident man of conviction!

He’s even wowed the “North Carolina GOP,” which tweeted “on… Tuesday evening that ‘Republicans across North Carolina stand with Lt. Gov. Robinson.’”

We’ll see how long that lasts; Rocco Piserchia predicts that “the GOP will primary Robinson…”

Meanwhile, Mr. R promised, “Not only are we not resigning, we are not going to stop until the schools in North Carolina are safe from this kind of filth.”

There goes my head again. But this time it’s shaking in wonder at a politician as honest as the media is false.


11:49 am on October 13, 2021