The Mask That Isn’t


wife is a nurse and is required to wear a mask at work. Like many mask Nazi victims, she started getting headaches. Never had them before. She has found a company that has invented masks so thin and sheer that you can actually breathe through them without getting headaches. But nobody can tell. They were developed by people who know masks are worse than useless, but understand that many are forced to wear them or get fired. My guess is that somebody made a mask out of panty hose, and decided there would be a market for them. If any of your readers want these fake masks, here is the website.

My heart goes out to those of you caught between the rock of a job and the hard place of unemployment. These non-diapers may help you survive your 8 hours so that after work, you can defy, protest, and rebel.


5:59 pm on August 10, 2021