The Market Responds: ‘Paleo’ Caterer and Food Truck

I’m not a strict ‘paleo’ eater myself. Being Messican, I can’t keep my hands off the tamales. However, I do lean in that direction, so I was interested to see that Caveman Cafeteria now has catering services and a food truck in Denver:

Caveman Cafeteria: Where The Hunters Gather! is gourmet food truck & catering service that specializes in the Paleo way of eating and serves the Denver Metro Area… Catering information, select packages, and an information request form are on the Catering tab. We also have a Kickstarter Project to raise funds for a Caveman Cafeteria paleo food stand on 16th St Mall in Downtown Denver.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and high quality meats isn’t exactly cheap, but the entrepreneurs behind Caveman Cafeteria will surely help make things cheaper and more accessible.

So, here in Denver one can get a nice big paleo meal to satisfy one’s cravings following a visit to the local Marijuana Club.


10:48 am on January 3, 2013