The Lying, Libelous, Leninist Louts at Loyola University-New Orleans readers may be aware of how Professor Walter Block was libeled by the New York Times several months ago by a “reporter” who totally and completely fabricated the notion that Walter once wrote that “slavery was not so bad.”  He has never said or written any such thing, of course.

Unfortunately for Professor Block, his employer, Loyola University-New Orleans, has been captured by a gang of totalitarian-minded socialists who are sworn enemies of free speech in particular, and of freedom in general, as are all socialists of any variety.  They sugarcoat their evil, totalitarian beliefs with pleasant-sounding euphemisms like “social justice,” implying that anyone who disagrees with them favors social injustice.  They even sell sweatshirts in the university bookstore proudly proclaiming that they are “Social Justice University.”  In The Mirage of  Social Justice, F.A. Hayek explained in great detail what a devious diversion this perversion of the English language was.  “Social justice” has always been a dishonest euphemism for socialism, wrote the Nobel laureate.

The lying Leninist louts at Loyola University New Orleans showed their true colors, however, when instead of simply asking Dr. Block if he ever actually wrote such a stupid and offensive thing, they publicly denounced him for something he never said or wrote.  The university president, one “Father” Kevin Wildes, a religious fraud of the first order, started the libel of Walter Block with an ignorant letter to the school newspaper.  Then eighteen radical left-wing faculty members piled on, without any of them ever contacting their “colleague,” Professor Block, to hear his side of the story.

What this proves is that the cultural Marxists who have taken over institutions like Loyola University New Orleans really are totalitarians of the worst sort.  Had they lived in the Soviet Union they would have been the first to call for the firing squad for deviationists like Professor Block.  They demonstrated that they have no interest at all in hearing whether or not the outrageous libel against Walter Block by the New York Times is true.  They know that Walter Block is a prolific author and outspoken advocate of a free society, which of course is pure poison to all totalitarian socialists, no matter how they may disguise themselves with priest’s collars and silly-sounding euphemisms like “social justice.”  THIS is why they have done what they have done.

The school newspaper published dozens, if not hundreds, of defenses of Walter Block from students, alumni, and from people all over the world, along with  condemnations of these shameless totalitarian idiots.  All  of that has been deleted from the online archives of the paper, however, and some naïve and ignorant students have even accosted Professor Block on campus and threatened to “get him.”  This is apparently what the Loyola University-New Orleans administration wants to happen.

Shame on all the other Loyola University-New Orleans faculty who did not support decency and academic freedom at their institution and sided with Kevin Wildes instead, out of nothing but careerist motivations.  Like most university faculty, they are small-minded, petty, bureaucratic weasels.  I hope and pray that Walter finds a super-aggressive, S.O.B. of a lawyer who will sue Kevin Wildes,  Loyola University-New Orleans, the Jesuit order, and the eighteen libelous faculty members into bankruptcy while pocketing millions for himself–and for Walter.

A person would have to be insane to send his son or daughter to Loyola University-New Orleans.  Or a communist.

UPDATE:  A.H. writes:  “What a bunch of apostates Jesuits have become.  They have become just what their enemies always said of them: devious, untrustworthy, and unscrupulous.”  (By the way, an apostate is one who has abandoned his religious faith).



6:13 pm on October 28, 2014