The Leftist Takeover of FOX News?

So the Murdoch kids take over the helm at FOX News, and the first thing they do is to hire Donna Brazile, the Hillary Clinton liar/deceiver/political hack who admitted to giving Clinton debate questions in advance when she was employed as a Democratic Party propagandist by CNN (the job description of everyone at CNN).  Then they gave Comrade Bernie Sanders an hour of air time for a “town hall” stacked/rigged with socialists who cheered the old communist’s bloviations about medical care socialism.  Conservative FOX News fans say they were shut out of the “town hall” audience.  They also gave hard-hitting conservative Judge Jeanine Pirro a good two-week spanking (figuratively speaking) for daring to say something mildly politically incorrect on her show that might have upset the social justice cupcakes (who don’t even watch FOX).  Guests who dared to suggest that the Notre Dame fire might have been arson were shouted down and rudely cut off.

It looks to me like the writing is on the wall at FOX: The big financial rainmakers like Hannity and Tucker Carlson are probably safe for now, but many others who want to hang on to their big paychecks will have to toe the new line by trashing Trump as much as possible while praising such creepy D.C. establishment figures as Bob Mueller and his “legal team” of eighteen Hillary-worshipping/Trump-hating political shysters.  It will take a while, but it looks to me like the CNN-ification of FOX has begun.

Attention billionaire media entrepreneurs: There is a profit opportunity here in starting up a competing network.


7:51 am on April 22, 2019