The Language of Polite, Woke Society, Courtesy of the NFL

The sports world talking heads just keep condemning former Las Vegas Raiders Coach Jon Gruden who was fired after “NFL executives,” searching through hundreds of thousands of ten years of emails by NFL coaches and others, discovered that Gruden once called Roger Goodell a “pussy,” used the word “queers,” and denigrated a players’ union rep with a dumb comment about his appearance.  Off with your head, Jon Gruden!

Such language is unacceptable to our new Protectors of Civilized Speech.  If you’d like to know what kind of language they think is appropriate in woke society, look up the lyrics of some of the rappers the NFL has chosen for this season’s super bowl halftime show.  You might start with “Dr. Dre” and his big hit song, “Bitches Ain’t Sh * t.”

I would be shocked — shocked! — to learn that Colin Kaepernick or any other black NFL player over the past twenty years ever used the words “pussy” or “queer” or made fun of another black guy’s appearance.  Or made a racist comment, such as supporting the extreme bigotry of “critical race theory” or the rantings of the “trained communists” who founded [Only] Black Lives Matter.


9:59 am on October 13, 2021