• The Lady Broke Derb’s Rule …

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    … and she paid dearly.

    John Derbyshire was attacked ferociously for suggesting to his children that they be prudential regarding their personal safety. He was a bit overwhelmed by the faux fame it brought him, and the brevity of it. National Review quickly threw him under the bus, a touch of irony, given its founder’s 1965 campaign slogan, “He has the guts to tell the truth! Will you listen?”

    “When in doubt, don’t” — but a Philadelphia woman wasn’t listening. As she stopped on a dark road to ask if she could help an apparently stranded motorist, she was robbed, assaulted, and gashed with a knife.

    Derb will undoubtedly appreciate this touch: “Police have not released a description of the suspects or vehicles that they used.”

    In Central America, prudent drivers follow Derbyshire’s advice. When they see a disabled vehicle blocking their path, they speed up and drive around it — on the sidewalk or breakdown lane, if necessary — and disappear.

    One fellow who didn’t paid with his life. He was driving through San Salvador and a man in a wheelchair rolled out in front of his car. The driver, a gentleman, stopped. The man in the wheelchair threw off the blanket covering his lap, stood up, and sprayed the man’s windshield with a 9 MM. Ingram and ran from the scene.

    What were those rules, again?

    UPDATE: A young man who wishes he’d heard Derb’s advice is attacked, robbed, stripped, and laughed at by a cheering crowd taking pictures of it all.

    As a distant neighbor, permit me to add a safety tip to Derb’s rules: Avoid Baltimore!


    8:47 am on April 23, 2012