The ‘Invisible Hand’ has a “grip” on who?

Director at the Roosevelt Institute and a co-author with Joseph Stiglitz on the awful “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy,” Mike Konczal has managed to turn out what appears tp be a brand new manifesto for ‘Beyond Progressivism.’ Quote from Amazon:

Health insurance, student loan debt, retirement security, child care, work-life balance, access to home ownership—these are the issues driving America’s current political debates. And they are all linked, as this brilliant and timely book reveals, by a single question: should we allow the free market to determine our lives?

I ponder: how does a “free market” – being free – “control our lives”? Rather, a free market, by definition, allows individuals to control their own lives without interference from policy-wonk oligarchs, government bureaucracies, and institutional influences. It turns out that the book is a trash heap of calls for social entitlements and pervasive government dependency. The Woke Era is not only upon us; it is going to rule us. Stephen Eide, in his book review, wrote this:

Mike Konczal wrote Freedom from the Market to promote socialism in America. Citing polls finding that over 60 percent of those between 18 and 24 would “prefer living in a socialist country,” Konczal wants young Americans to know they’re not alone. A proud American tradition of “decommodifying” essential goods and services has been around since the founding era. Throughout our history, Americans have believed that when it comes to the things people need—land, leisure-time, health care, a college degree—government should either provide them or “suppress” the free market’s control of them. History shows that socialism’s not un-American, but rather “American as apple pie.

I wonder if apple pie will be a part of the decommodification plan?


6:23 am on January 18, 2021