The Internet Reformation

Today’s LRC home page featured two very intriguing items. The first was Dr. Gary North’s wonderful posting of The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword – James Corbett at TEDxGroningen.

Corbett is one of my favorite “go to” guys to get the real scoop of what is really going on in the world.  

The other item was an unusually agnostic article cataloging “History’s Greatest Conspiracy Theories,” where these supposed “conspiracy theories” are presented without much critical commentary or counter-factual analysis. The mere inclusion of these “conspiratorial” notions in this latter-day secular “Syllabus of Errors” was evidently meant to diminish their veracity or truthfulness ex cathedra.

I presently have 121 book and DVD lists at Amazon, many of which deal with the very subjects found in this article. I guess this makes my name anathema and an arch-heretic of the progressive Church of the Politically-Correct.

The simultaneous posting of these two pieces illustrates that the establishment mainstream media is extremely perplexed at how to deal with the empowering Information explosion created by the Internet.

Protestant Martin Luther took Guttenberg’s revolutionary printing technology and launched the Reformation (“the priesthood of all believers” supposedly bypassing the centuries old authoritative organizational structure and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church). The world, ecclesial or secular, has never been the same since this disruptive attack on European Christendom. After Luther came Leviathan.

The Internet today, as James Corbett superbly illustrated, is fostering a similar reformation. It is the virtual community of the global village predicted by media visionary Marshall McLuhan, bypassing the antiquated gatekeepers of the regime media and its court intellectual apologists, with interconnected independent networks of Open Source research and dissimilation of vital information once suppressed.



4:04 pm on December 27, 2014