• The Hope That Terror Brings

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    I concluded some time ago that Daniel Pipes was the worst sort of neocon nut, (if you follow the Pipes link and see the endorsement by the War Street Journal you may already be convinced). I’m glad to see James Wolcott aim his acid blog in Pipes’ direction.

    Pipes: “The attacks of September 11, 2001, made me feel more secure, unlike most Americans. Finally, the country was focused on issues that had long worried me… But I agonized whether it would last. ‘Are Americans truly ready to sacrifice liberties and lives to prosecute seriously the war against militant Islam? I worry about US constancy and purpose.’

    Pipes: “And I worry that not even a catastrophic act of terror will return a desensitized West to its post-September 11 alarm, solidarity, and resolve… And, even if mass murders do awaken the public, a next round of alertness will presumably be as ephemeral as the last one.”

    Wolcott: “When even the prospect of terrorist mass murder is no longer a source of hope, things are pretty bad in the neocon morale department.”


    11:11 am on December 22, 2005