The Hate Campaign of Democrats

Democrats and leftists have a hate campaign going, and it’s directed at Donald Trump. This is obvious. It’s been going on for three years now. It’s virulent and nasty. It’s filled with lies, exaggerations, scapegoating and accusations. It’s disguised as the expression of virtue, even when it contains expletives. Too often it advocates outright violence. Major media are complicit. Quite a few Hollywood notables are complicit.

The hate takes such forms as calling Trump names like racist. Lately they call him a white supremacist and white nationalist. Frequently the hatred takes the form of blaming Trump for things he couldn’t possibly be responsible for.

One goal of this hate campaign is to win elections in 2020 by poisoning voters against Trump.

Another important goal is to wrap the Democrats in a “banner of tolerance, diversity, and human rights but which aims at making this a secular totalitarian society.” By making Trump out to be intolerant, a proponent of a whites-only society and against human rights, the Democrats hope to benefit by Americans naturally turning to them as the alternative.

The leftist cultural totalitarians, identified with Democrats and democratic socialists, invented hate speech and hate crimes as weapons to be used against the normal expression of speech, religious beliefs and moral distinctions. Ironically, these same totalitarians are now themselves engaging in a hate speech campaign. The last thing they will ever do is admit this. The last thing we can expect is for their media mouthpieces to label this hate campaign for what it is.


8:09 am on August 9, 2019