The Government School Totalitarians Are At It Again

A student is suing the Loomis Union School District in Loomis, California, because of the harassment and abuse she received from the school director who scolded her and demanded a written “confession” for the student’s giving two other students a flyer for a creationism-based seminar, which the kids attended outside of school. According to WND, the school director allegedly reprimanded the student for bringing a religion-based flyer to school without the school district’s “approval.” This reminds me of the story about another student who is suing her school because her teacher humiliated her in front of the class when she brought her Bible to read certain passages for Christmas show-and-tell. The teacher interrupted the presentation immediately and told the 6-year-old to sit down. And, shockingly, that was also in California.

I don’t know what it is with these government school fascists who openly worship their god the State, but they themselves want to silence their students’ discussion of traditional religious matters. They have no idea what freedom of religion and “separation of church and State” really mean. It means that while the students have the freedom to discuss their religious views, pray, etc., at school (as long as they don’t disrupt the class, of course), on school property, during school hours, the teachers and administrators — the government employees — may not proselytize or attempt to intimidate or coerce students to believe or express certain religious beliefs or viewpoints promoted by school officials, or even by the majority of others. The First Amendment protects the people’s right to freedom of religious expression or non-expression, and it restricts the power of government bureaucrats to interfere with that. That is my view on that.

Anyway, there really is one genuinely workable solution to these conflicts, these intolerances and totalitarian-minded “teachers”: Get the government out of education!

As Laurence Vance wrote just recently,

In a free society, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, nonprofit companies, for-profit companies, religious organizations, secular organizations, and even atheist organizations would be perfectly free to operate their own schools and teach whatever they wanted to about the merits of a particular religion and the demerits of any other religion.

In a free society, nontraditional education adapted to the specific needs, interests, and religion of each individual child would flourish.

In a free society, home-schooling would be free from the meddling of government education bureaucrats. Parents would be free to provide however much or however little religious instruction they chose.

In a free society, there would not only be schools that catered to particular religions, but also schools that catered to specific political views, ethnic groups, nationalities, and socio-economic statuses.

The solution to the problem of religion and public education is the same as the solution to every other problem with public education: abolish public education.


11:28 am on November 27, 2014