The Gall of Rove

Brace yourself, Karl Rove is trying to keep the neocons’ faithful herd in the pen by complaining that, why, Obama has flip-flopped on his “previous pledges to take public funds and criticism of money in politics.”

Karl, who forgets nothing and learns nothing, is hoping that we’ve forgotten George W’s complete abandonment, and subsequent repudiation and annihilation, of his entire 2000 campaign platform.

Rove’s lengthy piece might be worth a look if only to observe that, in over 800 words, he does not mention one principle, once. It’s all about money.

Thanks, Karl, for giving us your view of the fundamental values of America on what used to be called “Independence Day.” It’s all about money, interest groups, and power.

I’m sure neocons all over the country will read this op-ed to their children on every July 4th for years to come. In front of the Telescreen, of course.


6:35 am on July 3, 2008