The “Evil Party” in Full Bloom

The late Joe Sobran defined the Democrats as “the evil party” and the Republicans as “the stupid party.”  Therefore, said Joe, “bipartisanship” means legislation that is both evil and stupid.

The Evil Party was in full bloom last night during Trump’s state-of-the-union speech.  It was stunning to see every last Democrat, including all those women dressed in all-white KKK-style garb, sitting there stone faced with expressions of extreme constipation on their faces, when President Trump denounced the horrific policy of killing newborn infants, a policy recently endorsed by the governor of Virginia.  Not “late-term” abortion or even the killing of babies during, but shortly after birth.  (The Democrat governor of New York just signed a law allowing the killing of babies during birth).  How surreal that the president of the United States feels the need to publicly oppose the murder of newborn children.  The Democrats are now the party of communism (the same as socialism, as Ludwig von Mises explained), infanticide, and military imperialism (now that the neocon bigshots have abandoned the GOP and returned to their original “home,” the Democrat Party).  The party of Andrew Jackson is now a death cult.  And it wants monopoly control over all of your health and medical-care decisions.

I say this as no fan of the Republican Party, especially its false idol, Abe Lincoln.  To their credit, the Republicans cheered the president’s defense of the life of newborns.  Not exactly a heroic stand.  But the party still endorses the killing of civilians, newborns and everyone else, by bombs dropped all over the Middle East.


7:38 pm on February 6, 2019