The Elliot Roger Massacre

As Chris Cantwell points out, this entitled NPD‘s worldview is just a variant of liberalism’s. Got problems and resentments and failures? Not getting what you’re convinced are your just desserts? Why, it must be The Other, that privileged group  responsible for your failures. You bear no responsibility nor blame.

Normally, the privilege-mongers want the subjects of their hate–men, straights, whites, etc.–further ripped off by the State, and further demonized by the State’s media. This narcissist  hated the girls who would not date him, and the boys they did date. So this recipient of the State’s psychiatric care and  psychoactive drugs took the more direct serial killer route.

Yet almost entirely ignored are Roger’s first 3 victims, Chinese-American students. This is in part because they are boys, and this is supposed to be a story about misogyny, in part because Roger stabbed them to death, and this is also supposed to be a story about guns. But why are murdered Chinese kids not members of an Official Victim Group, and therefore publicized as victims of  racism? Because they are more successful than whites? Is there Asian Privilege to be mobilized against by the haters?


12:56 pm on May 26, 2014

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