The Cult of the State and the Sexualization of Everything

I really don’t have the time to write something today, but if I must, I must. Sometimes some issues come up and you have to address them.

But the truth is that the State is a cult. Even some libertarians can’t let go of their long-ingrained State dependence. And there are those who must smear whistleblowers and journalists such as Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. The smearers can’t bear to hear the truth that the State is the largest criminal racket, that agents of the State are liars, gangsters, robbers, spies on fellow countrymen, and criminal eavesdroppers. The smear merchants try to make into criminals the messengers of the truth about who the State’s racketeers and thugs are.

Oh, and don’t anyone dare to criticize the U.S. military or local government police (no matter how criminally many of their uniformed goons have been acting). To many who are brainwashed to love and worship the State, any questioning of its armed “authorities” is a no-no.

The State cult is all-encompassing, and it is difficult to get even some of those who believe they are “open-minded” to snap out of it, and de-program them back to reality.

One cultural aspect of the State cult that seems to have become mixed in with it is the sexualization of almost everything. The fedgov’s TSA uses airport and other transportation area security procedures as an excuse to get off in their invasive body searches, their groping, molesting and raping of innocent adults and children who are traveling. Police now strip-search and anal-search arrestees at local jails, even if someone was arrested for a non-violent “offense,” even if someone was arrested for what most commonsense thinking people would think are non-arrestable “offenses.”

And besides the TSA, the other three-letter dirty word agencies also use sexuality to empower the State over the individual and to further advance the agenda that the State wants advanced.

In her article, How the U.S. Uses Sexual Humiliation as a Political Tool to Control the Masses, Naomi Wolf writes,

Forcing people to undress is the first step in breaking down their sense of individuality and dignity and reinforcing their powerlessness. Enslaved women were sold naked on the blocks in the American south, and adolescent male slaves served young white ladies at table in the south, while they themselves were naked: their invisible humiliation was a trope for their emasculation. Jewish prisoners herded into concentration camps were stripped of clothing and photographed naked, as iconic images of that Holocaust reiterated.

And there is also the State’s use of suspicionless and warrantless searches and storage of private data as a means to blackmail anyone and everyone, government officials, whomever gets in the State’s way. The Supreme Court was originally going to get in the fedgov’s way and prevent fascists from shoving Soviet medicine down everyone’s throats, but the Court’s Chief Bureaucrat changed his vote. So it’s possible that information from the NSA was used to blackmail the Chief Bureaucrat Roberts, who knows.

Usually, it’s probably something of a sexual nature, because one’s sexuality is a very private matter, very personal, and it can be embarrassing if one’s private personal matters of such nature are made public, or get in the wrong hands. Such a personal, private area of one’s life can be used by predators for control. As with the TSA, the sickos are amongst the Rulers.

Many readers already know about the government schools and their going beyond just “sex education,” in their inclusion of explicit sexual materials in their State cultish curricula. But as we have seen with the federal Department of Education and Common Core takeovers and infiltrating their State-worship and anti-individual propaganda of local schools, and with Melissa Harris-Perry pushing the “community owns the kids” meme, and the decadence and psychopathology amongst today’s pop culture, no wonder there are so many people, so many demented characters and misfits now who want to get themselves government jobs or contracts with government.

When Melissa Harris-Perry says that the “community” owns the children, she really means that the State owns them. But the State doesn’t just own the kids, the State owns everybody. It isn’t just a collectivist ideology, this State cult thing, it is authoritarian, and fascist.

The latest item that is in the news that has gotten me to spend all this time writing this now when I don’t have time for this, is a report in the Boston Herald.

According to the Boston Herald, an official Massachusetts Department of Children and Families handbook states that people who have not only criminal records but have been convicted of the following crimes may be allowed to be foster parents for children: “Offenses such as inducing sex from a minor … violent offenses, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed burglary and involuntary manslaughter,” and more.

So the government’s own child foster care agency is placing kids into homes in which a parent has a violent criminal record, and also “inducing sex from a minor.”

The reason this story is coming up now is because of a 5-year-old foster child who has been missing since last September. Apparently, the children in that foster home had been abused by the mother and her gang-member boyfriend. Several social workers involved in the case have finally been fired, and the state agency is “reviewing” cases involving 3 to 6-year-olds in foster care. (More info here, here, and here. and the link at the beginning of this paragraph.)

You see, as with the recent government-managed transportation fiasco at the Super Bowl, government can’t be relied upon to run anything. Except into the ground.

Most people seem to be speculating that the missing 5-year-old had been killed, supposedly by either the mother’s boyfriend or the mother herself.

There have been many cases like this out of the government-run foster care agencies throughout the country.

So either the criminal CPS rackets in America are willfully exposing children to sexual perverts, or they’re reporting on innocent parents who merely take pictures of their own kids taking a bath. That’s how our society is now – what’s bad is good, and what’s good is bad. It’s nuts.

And there are the anonymous tipsters who report on innocent families just because they don’t like them or because the families are homeschoolers, the lesbian social workers who just don’t like men, and the financial interests involved in rewarding government social workers with federal funds.

A lot of the wackos who believe that the State owns the kids are also part of the crowd who wants to push explicit sexual materials and ideologies onto the kids in government schools. There are many parents themselves who also believe that sexual behaviors should be encouraged in teens, and to some of the ideologues a child is never too young to be exposed to sexual matters or encouraged to become sexually active. But this kind of ideology is really invasive of children and in a most private way. Alice Miller addressed some of that in her books, The Drama of the Gifted Child, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, and For Your Own Good.

To me there is definitely a connection between the state governments CPS rackets and the government schools emotional and cognitive imprisonment of school kids.

Dave Hodges had this article last year on the Oklahoma state Department of Human Services and the many missing children from its child protective (sic) services who may very well have gotten taken into sex-trafficking.

And see the American Dream Blog on the government schools becoming training centers for sexual deviancy, on how American women are being destroyed by the sexual revolution and our promiscuous culture, and on how government police are treating women like dogs.

And yes, it’s all related. The repressive cultural degeneracy in the name of “sexual freedom” and the police state’s rape of the people.

Here is a article on a study showing why child abuse investigations don’t help children.

(Although we do have a DSM-V to tell us that normal kids are really dysfunctional and disturbed. But according to the State, sickos and pervs who rape and molest kids are just fine.)

As noted above, as part of the decline in America and the cult of the State, we have an increasingly criminal and invasive government especially on the federal level but as well as state governments, with their bureaucrats who delight in the kinds of deeply personal invasiveness they can now get away with, especially when it involves preying on the young who are most impressionable and dependent.

Finally, I am reminded of Nancy Schaefer, the late Georgia state senator who was working to expose the CPS criminal racket and was on to the CPS-child sex trafficking connection. But there were indications she was (probably) “suicided” because of it. That was back in 2010. What have we heard about all that since then?

Here is Sen. Schaefer (following the introduction by the other lady) speaking about her defeated state senate bill with new restrictions to hold CPS accountable in Georgia.

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10:03 am on February 7, 2014