The Chicken-Little Fascists Are Out There

It’s amazing how hysterical a lot of people are regarding this Ebola outbreak. Some commentators have been warning of forced quarantines of people suspected of having Ebola, which very well could be any other disease. Some writers have warned of possible “quarantine camps” for those “suspects,” regardless of someone actually having tested positive for Ebola. And some of the testing for that has been unreliable, by the way, according to Jon Rappoport. I have linked to several of his posts on the Ebola hysteria. And William Engdahl not only questions the reliability of the testing, but he thinks that this Ebola stuff, with Barack Obomber sending a few thousand U.S. dupes troops over to those western Africa countries, is more to do with oil of all things.

But why the hysteria over Ebola? Even so-called libertarians agree with forced quarantines. Those are “libertarians”? No, not really. People are all in a panic because someone who has Ebola might spread it. Yes, we should restrict the rights of others because of something that might happen. And let’s take everybody’s guns away as well. They might shoot someone. And take their cars away too because they might careen off the road into a crowded shopping mall or something.

Actually, I wonder if the Ebola stuff that seems to be escalating leading up to the upcoming mid-term elections, just as the ISIS “crisis” seems to be escalating leading up to these elections, as part of some manipulating and staging by . . . someone. Perhaps the national security fanatics who hate Obomber are causing things to make him look bad so they can get more Republicans elected, or they’re causing Ebola fear and panic to seize even more power and control over the population. Or perhaps the Obama minions are manipulating things and intentionally making situations worse to show just how much in need the people are of keeping Obama cohorts i.e. Democrats in power. Oh, well.


1:32 pm on October 5, 2014