The Bureaucrats’ Terrorism Warnings

As the DC bureaucrats were preparing themselves for the U.S. Senate’s release of the torture report, the bureaucrats were warning us of possible terrorist attacks when those terrorists find out about the tortures that were inflicted on detainees. This warning has been repeated and repeated and the Republicans and their talk radio toadies have been screaming about the dangers such a release of information will now pose to Amerikans and U.S. soldiers overseas. So, do you really believe that those so-called terrorists overseas didn’t already know about the torture that was being done to detainees? Are you serious? Of course they knew, so this report is probably not news to them. But I’m wondering whether such repeated warnings of possible attacks might be more to do with something like a possible future false flag or . . . nah, the Rulers would never do that.


10:33 am on December 10, 2014