The Brilliant Paul Craig Roberts

In his latest brilliant article, The Woke Revolution, Paul Craig Roberts, with the exacting skill of a surgeon, diagnoses, defines and elucidates upon the formidable civilization-destroying threat at work in our land. I have seen no other writer state more clearly the serious nature of this threat. Almost two years ago at LRC I composed a similar piece, warning in the strongest, most emphatic  terms, the eminent danger we face. That threat is NIHILISM. We see it being played out and savagely actualized daily from coast to coast, in our cities, on our streets, our classrooms, on television and computer screens, and on social media.

Free speech is no longer a value.  Free speech is an ally of oppression because it permits charges against Western civilization and the white racist oppressors to be answered, and facts are not welcome.  The purpose of the woke revolution is to overthrow a liberal society and impose conformity with wokeness in its place.  Whiteness has been declared evil. There is nothing to debate.

The signatories do not understand that today there is only one side.  In place of debate there is denunciation, the purpose of which is to impose ideological conformity.  It is pointless to search for truth when truth has been revealed: Western civilization and all its works are a white racist construct and must be destroyed.  There is nothing to debate. . .

The “oppressed” and “marginalized” voices of woke revolutionaries, who have imposed tyranny in universities, the work place, and via social media, are the ones that now control explanations. No one is permitted to disagree with them.

Lining up on the woke side are CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Slate, and other presstitute organizations desperately trying to remain relevant. Everyone of these institutions quickly took the side of the woke revolution against facts and free speech.

See hereherehere and here.

The revolution is over unless the guillotine is next. Academic freedom no longer exists. Free speech no longer exists. The media is a propaganda ministry. Without free speech there can be no answer to denunciation.  White people are guilty. Period.


1:40 am on July 13, 2020