The Blackmailing of Parson Goat

Mr. Anonymous is 

a regular reader at LRC. I’ve also been paying very close attention to the globalist activities and plans for about 3 decades or so and I know a thing or two about how they operate.

With that in mind, have you considered that maybe a sizeable number of pastors have been honey trapped and blackmailed? I don’t have any evidence of such …

 Sometimes the answers to things are suggested in what’s not being said. E.g. media is certainly saying little and nothing regarding the acquiescence of pastors to the status quo. Despite their supposed mandate to spread the word, they rapidly surrendered the separation of church and state. Isn’t that a headline news story? If not, why not? Perhaps too many questions might crack the veneer and expose a little too much truth?

I responded, 

Most corporate reporters and editors are surprisingly, vastly ignorant of Christianity. (They’re almost w/o exception Marxists and therefore atheists.) Ergo, they may not realize how astounding it is that pastors and priests caved. And for sure they never attend church, so they have no context.

 If you’re talking about the CHRISTIAN press and the silence there–indeed, the encouragement to go along w/ the govt—then, yes, it’s far more curious.

On second thought, any almost-uniform, 98% response to a situation is bizarre and diverges radically from the way the world normally operates apart from coercion. So perhaps Mr. A is right after all. Where is the coverage of this stunning unity? That is, if we presume the media’s still reporting rather than merely propagandizing.

 Mr. Anonymous concluded,

In short, I suspect there’s more to the story than pandemic fear and acquiescence to government authority. This is a paradigm shift. Just as the pandemic hysteria was global and obviously well planned and coordinated, the nationwide surrender of pastors was pretty much uniform as well, with the exception of a handful of outliers. To me, this suggests that there’s a strong possibility that other motivations are in play. Blackmail may be one of them.

What think you, lover of the Lord and liberty? Some “churches” are nothing more than PACs that preach communism; predictably, they collaborated with the State in its wickedness. But others that seemed to hew to the Bible and proclaim the Gospel… Does extortion partially explain Parson Goat’s massive failure and treason?



12:02 pm on May 28, 2020