The Bionic Mosquito on Open Borders

In a characteristically insightful post, the Bionic Mosquito skewers an argument offered by Jim Davies in his dispute with Mike Rozeff about open borders. All sides agree that in a libertarian society without a state, property owners would be able freely to decide the conditions of access to their property. What is the best way we can get from our present statist order to that desirable state of affairs? Davies suggested that open borders would overwhelm the state: “a flood of immigrants in search of welfare (if that is why most of them come) would overwhelm the government’s schemes for robbing Peter to pay Paul, and therefore usefully help bankrupt the whole edifice. That’s an argument worth weighing…” To this, Bionic responds, “This argument one could describe as the death wish experiment.  An argument worth weighing, perhaps, but is it an experiment worth attempting? . .I offer another argument: common culture and tradition reduces the demands for coercive government.  As long as we have government as it exists today, open borders will reduce common culture and tradition…and government will increase.  We are living this experiment, and we see daily the results . . .I prefer to leave the death wish in the dustbin, where it belongs.” As Friedrich Hayek used to say, “And that is that.”



12:17 pm on April 11, 2019

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