The “Angelic” and “Majestic” American Police State

That’s how neocon Michael Goodman describes both the domestic police state and the aggressive, imperialistic, military/industrial complex in the neocon New York Post He apparently is unfamiliar with James Madison’s admonition in The Federalist Papers that “men are not angels,” and if they were, government would not be necessary.  This despite the fact that all neocons claim to be Big Experts on The Federalist Papers.  And didn’t the founding generation fight a revolution against people who referred to their political functionaries as “your majesty”?

Chris Rossini puts this into perspective in TargetLiberty by noting that Goodman’s article included an image of the neocons’ “sainted” Father Abraham, as they call him, surrounded by angels’ halos hovering over the heads of a cop and a paid killer for the state.  This is perfectly appropriate, of course, since Lincoln was a brutal domestic dictator who abandoned Habeas Corpus and all the rest of the Constitution, mass imprisoned tens of thousands of political dissenters, shut down hundreds of opposition newspapers, deported an opposition congressman, invoked the unconstitutional slavery of conscription, ordered the daily shooting of military deserters, tortured CIVILIAN prisoners in his gulags, and much worse.  And he waged an unnecessary war that cost as many as 850,000 American lives and more than double that number maimed according to current research.  And he did all of this, as he declared in his first inaugural address, (see paragraph 18) so that “the duties and imposts” (i.e, taxes) could be collected from the seceded Southern states.  Now wonder the neocons consider Lincoln to be their Holy “Father.”


8:06 pm on January 3, 2015