The Alternative World

The Alternative World aka The Free World is or will be a set of businesses and activities that do not require any of the COVID-19 inspired measures that are being talked about and promoted. They’ll be open to all people. There will be no health pass filters, no questions asked about any aspect of your health history. All are welcome. There will be no masks, no taking of your temperature and no social distancing. There will be no vaccine requirements for entry, exchanges or exit. Cash will be welcome as will be checks and credit cards. Recreation activities, churches, roads and everything else will be open to an unencumbered public.

Barbershops, beauty salons and bars will be open to anyone. You won’t need licenses to open any business. Hiring and firing of help will be strictly between employer and employee. Businesses won’t collect sales taxes and they won’t deduct taxes from employee pay. There won’t be any diversity laws or equal employment laws. There will actually be free labor markets.

Businesses can station people with guns here and there, either concealed or open carry. No licenses required. At night, the businesses and residential property owners can hire whom they please to patrol and be on the alert or to answer to distress calls.

Get the idea? This is just the barest of outlines. It’s simply the status quo ante of freedom from COVID-19 nonsense plus even more freedom, following out the natural implications of what freedom means.

This blog is inspired by resistance to the advent of a “COVID-19 pass, which could allow or deny a person entry into a supermarket, church, or workplace.” I can’t think of a more abominable social device that furthers the regimentation and control over people. It’s a step on a long series of such steps that end up in destroying not only the joy of life but any semblance of human freedom, spontaneity, good times and a relaxed atmosphere in all areas of life. Who wants to go through life having to pass an inane series of stupid hurdles?

I beg consideration of The Alternative World aka The Free World. We may as well in droves tell those who are proffering and proposing these kinds of restrictions that we’ll have none of it. We’re going to use our property as we see fit and we’re going to build a separate network of FREE WORLD activities, businesses and homes. We cannot let the mass stupidity and totalitarian impulses of others, including the medical establishment, push us around. We have to tell them “NO”, and if they persist we have to enforce our separation from their mad schemes and ideas.


10:29 pm on June 5, 2020