Thank You Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Your Fellow Marxist Revolutionaries . . .

. . . for proving that the lockdowns were 100% B.S., a political scheme to destroy the economy to hurt Trump politically.  Proof of this is that the entire Leftist political establishment, especially the “media,” is now encouraging more riots and more mob violence.  If they really thought that such violations of antisocial distancing was so harmful to you, their compatriots and constituents (along with all the welfare parasites and social justice cupcakes participating in the rioting and looting), they would certainly not be encouraging you to risk your lives out there.

Senile old Joe Biden wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with a good economy; therefore, the economy had to be destroyed.  It was the only moral thing to do.


7:52 pm on June 2, 2020