Texas Tech Post-Doc Hiring

How do we know that free markets promote prosperity and socialism doesn’t? RESEARCH – theoretical and empirical, and there’s plenty of it. Free markets especially benefit poorer people. They give them access to the highest quality goods at the lowest prices. They give them the best opportunities to work at good jobs. Work builds up one’s skills and education through on-the-job training. Socialism thwarts these benefits and imposes the rule of powers and “experts”, keeping poor people poor, divided, dependent, skill-deficient, education-deficient and fighting with one another.

The research is voluminous, yet it’s never enough and never finished. There’s always more research that needs to be done. Example: France is in turmoil at this time. France has a history going back thousands of years in which it often has had periods of turmoil and periods of prosperity. Wouldn’t it be great to understand the conditions that produced and accompanied these alternating periods? Why not devise measures of these economic states? This takes research. Maybe it’s already been done, but remains buried because knowledge of the French language is required to access books and articles in French. Why not unearth it, if it’s there?

The Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University (Lubbock) is looking to hire a post-doc:

“The post-doctoral research associate will work for a two-year term beginning September 1, 2019, on the ‘Austrian Economics in the 21st Century’ research program. This program investigates the relevance of insights from Austrian economics for contemporary social science. The Institute welcomes applicants, who have completed or expect to complete a Ph.D. in economics, political science, philosophy, or related fields, and will also consider applications from exceptional A.B.D. candidates.”


7:24 am on January 7, 2019