Ted Cruz the Nutso Neocon

Philip Giraldi has this article on the Israel-Firster dangerous neocon Ted Cruz, who wants to bomb the hell out of Iran for no good reason. With some of the information Giraldi provides about Cruz, one might think that Cruz could be described as “Ted Cruz (R–Israel).” That’s just my own interpretation.

But here are just 3 reasons why I don’t think Ted Cruz will get the Republican nomination for President in 2016 (unless it’s President of Israel):

1. He’s too shrill. No one wants to listen to that for 4 or 8 years. It’s like listening to someone letting the air out of a balloon. Yech.

2. Too many Democrats and Independents will go into states’ Republican primaries to vote against Ted Cruz, because they don’t want another George W. Bush-like “Christian Crusader” to do even worse things overseas than Bush did.

3. He’s too shrill. Can you imagine Cruz as a guest on with Mark Levin? That would be a whine-fest, a helium party we have never heard before on radio. The two of them might actually float away if they’re not careful.

By the way, Philip Giraldi has also written about a certain wing of evangelism in the U.S. military, with officers and soldiers handing out Bibles, holding prayer breakfasts, and their proselytizing, etc. And then he had a follow-up article on that.

Conclusion: “Remember in November” when you don’t vote!


12:05 pm on October 9, 2014