Taxpayer-Funded Soap Operas

Oh, let us all rejoice, the government won’t go into hiatus as they try and budget our money that they’re spending. This is hilarious. This is like the cult-following TV show that always threatens to cancel the next season. Everyone gets scared and writes in demanding the network keep the show on the air. Or the favorite character in a series of novels and the author alludes to possibly killing off the character in the next book. Everyone writes in, scared spitless, begging and pleading the character not be killed. As if it’s a real person.

There could be a genocide where 5,000 human beings a day are being machine-gunned into trenches and people will act like it’s just a blip on the radar. But threaten to cancel their favorite TV show or kill off a favorite character in a series of books, then—THEN!!—they’ll get off their keesters and demand action! These same people will wonder why nothing was done about that genocide 5 years after it ended and the perpetrators are all collecting pensions.

And it is the same with government. Everyone sits up there terrified the government might shut down. What? This would be a bad thing? Come on. Do you really think they’re going to stop collecting paychecks up there in DC? What, they’re going to get evicted? The electricity and gas will get shut off at the White House? The Congress and Senate will all be down at the food bank collecting up their allotment of canned green beans, canned tuna, and plain-wrap elbow macaroni? Sure.

Oh, but they passed a budget! Oh, how very thrilling. I wonder what the plot will be in the next episode of Days Of Our Government?


1:05 pm on May 1, 2017