Tanks for Nothing!

That’s probably what the Ukranian Nazi Zionist Zelensky told Senile Joe after the latter promised to send thirty-one tanks along with fourteen more from Germany.  Russia is said to have over 10,000 tanks.  Oh, those Russians will be running for the hills once those Biden tanks show up!

One decades-long feature of “in-kind” foreign aid such as sending tractors and tanks is that it is in reality first and foremost corporate welfare for the American corporations that manufacture these things.  And, they typically send all the defective ones, paid for by U.S. taxpayers, to the foreign recipients of the “aid.”  The recipients then become ungrateful for all the “aid” they have received and demand cash instead.  It’s much easier for them to stash cash away in Swiss bank accounts than tractors, tanks, and fighter jets.


7:13 pm on January 26, 2023