Tally of States Requiring Masks

After some research using the very latest data, we find the following. States with recommendations for masks do not count; only states with requirements count. Bear in mind that the 50 states are almost evenly divided between Democratic and Republican governors. The designations below depend on the governor’s party only.

1. 36 states have REQUIRED masks. That’s 72 percent of all states.
2. Of the 36 states, 17 are Republican and 19 are Democratic.
3. 14 states have no required masks. That’s 28 percent of all states.
4. Of these 14 states, 9 are Republican and 5 are Democratic.

Although there is something of a tilt toward Democratic states imposing requirements more frequently than Republican states, the main event is the overwhelming imposition of mask requirements across the country.

This follows the CDC’s recommendation.

Of course, if you come down with COVID-19 and it’s not serious, you should be staying at home and using practices and means to get better. You shouldn’t be out, wearing a mask or not. If masks encourage sick people to go out, they will be counterproductive because masks are not perfect and many of them are far from being even passable at preventing aerosol dispersion.

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Mr. Governor and Madame Governor, tear off these masks!


7:46 pm on May 26, 2020