Taking Pastor Goat and His Fearful Congregants Out Behind the Woodshed

…I am deeply ashamed of how the body of believers the world over handled this New World Order plandemic crisis, but especially that of the American church. It’s like God, in His infinite wisdom, sent the church a mighty test, a once in a millennia grand opportunity to shine, to proclaim bold Truth, condemn the overreach of government, to show faith rather than fear, to direct the lost to the light of Christ; but instead they hid that light under a bushel. Or in the modern parlance, they closed their physical doors, and sent everyone home to watch a livestream of their services.

For more along these magnificent lines, read “The Pandemic Exposed the Real God of the 501c3 Church.” And thanks to Milton Lane for alerting me to this article.


1:21 pm on April 23, 2020