“Systemic Racism” is a Racist Notion

And those who promulgate it are therefore, by definition, racists and should be treated as such.

A racist is someone who judges people negatively based on the color of their skin and not the content of their character, to rephrase Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous dictum.  The notion of “systemic racism,” an invention of the cultural Marxists who now control the academic world, means that all white people are naturally racists.  Doing a quick internet survey of the concept I discovered a writer who actually said that a white man who marries a black woman, has children with her and lives happily ever after is still a natural racist by virtue of his skin color.  If this were true, then every single white person is, by definition, a racist according to our “leading scholars.”  Nothing you say or do can ever change that.  Accordingly, there are seminars for white students being held at universities discussing a book entitled “How to be an Antiracist .”

This, it seems to me, is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s definition of racism on steroids.  (And I don’t buy the cultural Marxist word game that black people cannot be racists because they lack the “power” to oppress other races). Sinners come in all colors.


7:12 am on June 5, 2020