Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences Should Go to Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The occasion of repeating a 7-year old blog is a re-reading of the great “Democracy The God That Failed” by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

It’s commonly called the “Nobel Prize in Economics.” but whatever the name, I can’t think of an economist more richly deserving of it than Hans-Hermann Hoppe for his outstanding and original body of work. His book “The Economics and Ethics of Private Property” is but one of the gemstones among his works. Others include “Democracy: The God That Failed” and “A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism.” What brings this blog on? I just re-read Chapter 4 in “The Economics and Ethics of Private Property” before heading on to Chapter 5, and its clarity, logic, orginality, incisiveness, simplicity, importance, and persuasive strength shower benefits on us all. Hans’s contributions are large indeed, and if it were not for the “restricted perspectives” (blindness, myopia, biases, conditioning, loyalties, errant philosophies, ignorance) of those who choose the prize recipients, he would have been a winner already.


8:35 am on October 22, 2019