Superscare Superspreading, Part 619

Yahoo “News” has taken over as King of Stupid Stuff Re: All Things Scamdemic. This image below is a direct cousin of the famous New York Times graphic of how the evil act of breathing oxygen, from grandma-killing human beings, spreads killer “droplets” everywhere and everyplace.

“But we have better ways of preventing them (“superspreader events”)!” Better yet is this statement: “We haven’t heard much about superspreader events in the past year or so, mainly because we haven’t really been looking for them.” Oh — they mean that once the fraud and true intentions of the never-was pandemic was uncovered, revealed, and finally trickled down to the mainstream masses after almost two years, they could no longer make up their infantile and crazed superspreader stories.

No one is paying attention to any of this anymore, except the worst of the C-19 Warriors. The Idiocracy will never go away.



8:21 am on November 7, 2022