Such Refreshing Cynicism!

One of the traits I most appreciate in LRC’s readers is their realism (critics call it “cynicism”). And so Graham Dugas delighted me with his observations on Fauxchi’s Fall.  After linking to a story about the evil doctor’s recent remarks, he asked, 

What happened after the blue dress? Clinton remained in power.

Fauci had a hand in what emails were released.

They are up to something. They have gained ground with the hoax and Fauci played a vital role. They aren’t going to give up those gains. Northam weathered the blackface scandal in VA, Cuomo weathered his sex scandals and nursing home scandals. I predict Fauci not only remains at his post but he still gets to call the shots. The big push is to get everyone vaxxed. This effort seems to be to get the people to say that those who have been vaxxed will gain their freedoms, be able to travel etc BECAUSE the vax works at cutting down transmission of the fake virus. They want to get us to demand that Fauci eat his words and “admit” that vaxxed people have high resistance. This he will do with feigned reluctance saying that the science now says so because the current results are now able to be measured. So get that vax. And Fauci remains in power. We are being played once again.

I hope he’s wrong but fear he’s right.


9:26 am on June 5, 2021