Stupid Is As COVIDCon Does

Why does anyone voluntarily submit to “tests” for COVIDCon? Certainly, those whose jobs require it deserve our sympathy and understanding, but most suffer these inspections of their own volition. Our Rulers’ checking us for germs is tantamount to Stalin’s Russia offering to determine whether subjects are Kulaks; with those pitiable farmers dispossessed and massacred, only an imbecile would have hied himself to the local bureaucrats and anxiously asked, “Please, can you tell me whether I’m a Kulak or not?” Our Rulers wage war on us as mercilessly as the Communists did on their people. Those who cooperate only hand the sociopaths more ammunition to lob against us.

Yet tens of thousands of Amerikans line up for COVIDCon’s evaluation. They thereby furnish further proof, however unnecessary, of our culture’s total lunacy. Add to that the tests’ appalling unreliability, and you’ll wonder how these serfs marshal the brainpower to breathe.

At any rate, a couple in Florida not only requested a test, they “publicly acknowledged they were COVID-19 positive”—only slightly less incriminating than admitting your great-grandpa founded the KKK. So they shouldn’t have been surprised when their HOA

deactivated the[ir] key fobs … The condo association — allegedly without authority to do so — used the key fob deactivation as a way to force the husband and wife to stay in their condo for two weeks, then

In a classic belt-and-suspenders move,

told the couple that the HOA would call the police to “request that you be removed from the building and or arrested” if they attempted to exit the high-end building.

But even that couldn’t placate the Masked Morons:

The HOA is also accused of attempting to enter the couple’s unit to ensure the husband and wife remained inside.

Maybe the HOA fears stupidity is contagious.

Naturally, the lepers have sued. They’re lucky I’m not the judge. I’d declare both sides terminal COVIDiots and dismiss the case, because this isn’t the first time the HOA has come down on the wrong side of COVIDCon:

…on November 25th … [the HOA] attempted to fine another unit owner $5,100 for a mask violation.

Meanwhile, the newspaper that broke this story advises, “We have received phone calls from condo owners … concerned that our reporting will decrease property values in … [their] building.” As David Mueller, who sent me this sorry tale, would advise, it isn’t the reporting but your paranoia and your idiotic directors that will send prices plummeting.


9:10 am on January 2, 2021