Struggles with the diversity “task force”

I am still in the process of sharing with this blog some of the many and wonderful letters sent to me in support of my efforts to promote economic understanding, free speech and academic freedom. Today, see one more such.Walter,

I hope to, over Christmas, catch up on all the articles involving you and your struggles with the diversity “task force” and their associates. I have only read a portion of what has transpired, but I have nearly hurt myself laughing as you have done such a wonderful job of speaking truth. As you know, I pray for you almost daily as I want you to one day enjoy fellowship with the God who created us, but while that gift of faith has not yet come to be, I can honestly say that you are the most Christ-like atheist (or agnostic) I have ever encountered. After reading some of what they have said about you, most of us would likely be far less gracious. Please keep up the good work and if it is not offensive, I’d like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.


Dear MB:

I am Jewish, but I certainly take your wish for me and my family of a Merry Christmas in the positive way you mean it. In like manner I wish you and yours a Happy Chanukah.

Best regards,



1:18 am on January 20, 2009