How to Be a “Strong” Woman

An article in the Los Angeles Times by one Virginia Heffernan claims that how Hitlery dealt with her husband’s “infidelities” made her an even “stronger woman.”  Of course, it wasn’t just “infidelities” but also sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.  It’s “prudish” for women in this day and age, says Mizzzzz Heffernan, to object to adultery.  This “taboo” will hopefully be completely “lifted” soon, she says in defense of Hitlery.

So ladies, here’s how to show that you are a “strong” woman in dealing with such matters:

1) Hire shadowy thugs to kill the pets of the woman your husband assaulted, after which they appear out of nowhere at 6 AM as the woman is leaving her house and threaten to do the same to her and her children, whose names are known by the thug. (See “Kathleen Willey”).

2) Act surprised when the husband of that same woman mysteriously drops dead on the very day your husband sexually assaulted his wife.  

3) If your husband happens to have been fornicating with an Arkansas Penthouse “pet,” as Bill Clinton was, and wants to run for governor, be relieved that the woman and her live-in boyfriend died a fiery death when his house was mysteriously set on fire in the middle of the night.

4) Hire more thugs and numbskulls like James Carville to wage vicious public smear campaigns against the women your husband has assaulted or raped.

5) Get the National Organization for Women to publicly excuse your husband’s behavior, saying it’s only sex and has nothing to do with how he does his job.

6) Make friends with Megan Kelly, who uses her platform at FOX News to defend and promote the “strongness” of Killery.

7) Ignore your husband’s behavior if there’s money (and/or political power) in it for you.

There you have it ladies:  A recipe for being “Stronger Together.”


7:42 am on October 16, 2016

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