Straight From Another Part of the Horse’s Anatomy

John “The Pervert” Pistole, Chief Deviant at the TSA, is now hyping an “expanded” Pre-Check, the fascist program that extorts a fee (formerly $100; now $85) from passengers while requiring them to submit to “background checks and fingerprint analysis in return for easier, faster [sic] boarding at participating airports.” (That “easier, faster boarding” is often neither.) The “expansion” boils down to the fact that the TSA has finally realized that if you make it very, very difficult for “customers” to join something, well, bingo, no one joins. (So good that we have government, isn’t it? How else would concepts that have illuminated the free market for millennia ever come to light?) So TSA wants to establish “enrollment centers,” allow anyone to submit an application instead  of forcing him to wait until an airline “invites” him to sign up, etc.

In explaining his sudden awakening to the elementary rules of sales, The Perv admitted that the TSA abuses every passenger as if he were a bad guy: “’Everybody’s still going through security but there’s no reason we need to treat someone like a terrorist if we’ve already looked at them,’ Pistole said.”

I mention this only for the satisfaction that inures whenever a criminal admits his crime. Unfortunately, there are no benefits beyond that, such as the TSA’s abolition.



7:12 am on July 20, 2013