Story of Satanic Fashion Show Staged Inside a Church Almost Directly Out of 1907 Apocalyptic Distopian Novel, Lord of the World

This incredible story of a satanic fashion show staged inside a London church posted at LRC is almost directly out of the 1907 distopian science fiction novel, Lord of the World, by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson that centers upon the reign of the Anti-Christ and the End of the World. Wikipedia reports that the book has been called prophetic by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.  I personally found the apocalyptic novel fascinating and very disquieting, much like The Camp of the Saints.

Here is the Amazon description of Lord of the World:

Essentially the novel imagines a socialist and humanist world where religion has been either suppressed or ignored. People have no history or hope so they often turn to euthanasia, which is legal. Further there is a “one-world” government that uses Esperanto for its language and ultimately becomes a servant of the anti-Christ. In brief: The Catholic Church has been suppressed by the rest of the world, which has turned to the religion of Humanity modeled on that of Auguste Comte. (A scene in which the Antichrist leads a massed congregation in the worship of a nude female statue in St. Paul’s Cathedral is a more decorous version of the worship of the Goddess of Reason in Notre Dame de Paris in 1793. Pope John XXIV has made an agreement with the Italian government: the Catholic Church can have all of Rome, while all other churches in Italy are surrendered to the government. The deposed royal houses of the world (including the Chinese imperial dynasty, who have converted to Catholicism) are now resident in Rome. Ireland still remains staunchly Catholic, with small enclaves all over the world. Westminster Cathedral is the only church in London that is still Catholic. The rest have become Freemasonic temples. The plot then follows the tale of a priest, Percy Franklin, who becomes Pope Silvester III, and an unknown man named Julian Felsenburgh (who is identical in looks to the priest) who becomes “Lord of the World”.

Hosted at St. Andrew church in London, the avant-garde fashion show, complete with explicit occult symbols and free masonic regalia, was the creation of Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu. When criticized for the bizarre exhibition, Findikoglu, in an plea of satanic, anti-Christian, amoral ambivalence and faux tolerance characteristic of our age, observed:

All the symbols I used were for positive purposes. I am a creative and I am not trying to offend anyone. I understand people can be sensitive, but I think all these hate email and attacks I am getting from Christians show who really is wrong – if there is such a thing as right or wrong.

People are so ready to hate each other and find a victim to throw heavy negativity. But isn’t religion supposed to say we should spread love? I think this whole idea of religion is so corrupted and this is a very good example of it.

11:41 am on October 29, 2017