Steve Schmidt Ramps Up Anti-Trump Attack

Steve Schmidt was a campaign strategist for Bush 2 and McCain. He has been a top-level Republican. In June of this year, he resigned from the Republican Party, citing the cowardice of its leaders who would not check Trump.

In June, Schmidt criticized Trump severely for 5 reasons; (1) Stirring up people with lies at rallies; (2) attacking minorities; (3) creating a sense of people being victimized; (4) alleging conspiracies, like the deep state; and (5) claiming to be above the law.

Three months later, Schmidt has radically altered his attack. He now says Trump is “psychologically unfit”. Even worse, he’s “mentally ill and mentally unfit”.

Why should anyone worry one whit about foreigners soiling the Snow White American electoral process when we have hundreds and thousands of Schmidts openly and anonymously trying to hound Trump from office?

Did Schmidt learn something between June and September that allowed him to conclude that Trump wasn’t just a racist, lying demagogue but indeed mentally ill and incapable of doing the job? Why hasn’t he told us what he saw? Why doesn’t he tell us how he missed such an important fact 3 months ago? He had plenty of time in the years preceding to see that Trump has some variety of mental illness. And what exactly is the illness he is suffering from? Couldn’t Schmidt fill us all in on that important detail? Is he paranoid? Is he schizophrenic? Is he depressed? Is he manic depressive? What is his disorder? Does he have delusions? Is he a megalomaniac? Is he taking medication for this illness? Has his doctor diagnosed this? Does Trump refuse his meds?

Schmidt and others who are making extreme statements like his have read the same tweets available to all. He has access to the same speeches and statements we all do. What can he point to that shows mental illness? The whole mental illness thing is as much a red herring as are such charges as misogyny, xenophobia, racism, consorting with the enemy and being a traitor. And we obviously cannot conclude madness in the White House from Bob Woodward’s gossip/hearsay or the babbling of Mr. Anonymous in his op-ed.

All the evidence points in one direction and one direction only. Large numbers of the Democratic-Republican Establishment intensely dislike Trump’s policies that threaten the empire, them and their positions. They are all trying to oust him from office without losing their own seats and positions. The attacks on Trump are inspired by political differences that impact upon the beliefs, the livelihoods and the positions of those who will lose out if Trump has a chance to follow his instincts and rein in the empire.

Schmidt’s charge of insanity like many statements about Trump are never proven or backed up by anything. There are incredibly baseless lies and false accusations like his constantly being floated by men and women inside Congress and out, which the brainless media do not dig into or question that could not stand up in court for 5 seconds.

If Mueller ever comes up with a report that suggests obstruction of justice, that will add to this travesty.

Obama has tossed in his entirely worthless two cents with his own version of these kinds of attacks on Trump. In a single speech, he manages to call Trump a Nazi or Nazi-sympathizer, an obstructor of justice, and a KGB asset who has left the American electorate open to attack. Obama manages to label Trump supporters as people who are fearful and resentful of people of color. Obama’s speech is truly ghastly politics. This is where this election stands this year. It is getting worse as the election approaches. Worse lies and false charges are ready to be sown in the near future. This spectacle is a truly nauseating example of democracy.


7:31 pm on September 7, 2018