Stay Home! Stay Home!!

The local media here in South Florida have apparently become accustomed to the anti-scientific, anti-logic, anti-tradeoff, anti-reality, totalitarian worldview of Anthony Fauci and the CDC.  The same mental disease is probably prevalent in other regions of the country as well.

After a couple of days of the usual the-end-of-the-world-is-coming hysteria over a minor hurricane in the Caribbean, the local media seemed depressed that the thing petered out and did not make landfall.  I live a fifteen-minute walk down the street from the ocean, and all we had yesterday was a few twenty-minute afternoon showers (the usual occurrence this time of year) and a nice all-day breeze.

Never say never, though.  On this morning’s news one local station devoted a segment to a single tree that had fallen somewhere in West Palm Beach, about fifteen miles north of here.  The lesson they wanted to convey from this was, to quote the commentatorettes, was:  “Stay at home.  Stay at home!  It’s still dangerous out there!” They now believe that we should all stay hunkered down at home to avoid the most miniscule of risks, such as a one in a ten million chance that a tree might fall on you.  (Blown over by someone with COVID who sneezed on it?).

Fortunately, no one in my town seemed to be obeying these latest lockdown orders.  The Nazis who run the Delray Beach city government did close down the beach yesterday morning, a beautiful, hot, sunny morning with a calm ocean, in anticipation of the end-of-the-world hurricane, but this morning the surfers were out in droves.  The city-nazis, like the local media, are now conditioned to bark out lockdown orders at the drop of a hat (or a few raindrops).  There were so many surfers that I almost ran over a couple on my bike in the bike lane on A1A as they were rushing out of their cars to grab their boards and race to the beach.

Worse yet from the perspective of the local media, the restaurants in town are packed this afternoon despite all the stay-at-home advice from the tv talking heads.  That will inevitably cause the blue-uniformed COVID inspectors to leave the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from the police station and strut around town with notepads in hand giving dirty looks to everyone enjoying themselves in the outdoor seating at various restaurants on Atlantic Avenue.



2:47 pm on August 2, 2020