Statists’ Syzygy

A Jewish friend once told me that when holidays such as Passover or Rosh Hashanah fall on the Sabbath they pack a double whammy. Today we observe a similar phenomenon among statists. An execrable cretin whose pigmentation they approve celebrates perjuring himself in the oath of office on the very day Leviathan panders to its black victims.

My ancestors don’t hail from Africa, yet I spurn such an insult as Martin Luther King Day; how much more ought those it personally affects? What, a government that imprisons huge percentages of black men for non-crimes suddenly lauds their heritage on MLK Day? Ditto for destroying families with welfare, suborning once-proud women into relinquishing their autonomy, self-respect and joy. All while promoting the genocide of their unborn babies.

I’ve never researched Martin Luther King, so I don’t know much about him. But I am instantly suspicious of anyone Our Rulers and their lackeys in the media so endlessly hype — especially when much worthier heroes abound who also happen to be black (when was the last time you heard a talking head refer to George Washington Carver?). But whatever the man himself believed, he has become the premier symbol of “civil rights,” a hellish system no friend of freedom should ever applaud.

“Civil rights” is an actual philosophy, not merely a slogan left over from the 1960’s hippies. And it is liberty’s antithesis. It posits the State, not the Creator, as the source of our rights — and obviously what the State grants, it can control or even withdraw. Its gift also means that serfs enjoy few “rights,” while those the government does bestow revolve around itself: citizens have the right, amounting to a sacrament in this satanic religion, to vote; they have the right, indeed, the legal obligation to forfeit their children to the public schools and to report for jury duty when summoned. There are other bogus “rights,” purchased with the freedom to associate, such as the right to rent an apartment the landlord may not want to let to that particular tenant or to patronize a business though the entrepreneur may not welcome that specific client. And many acolytes now insist that “civil rights” encompass an entitlement to housing, food, and other necessities. Obummercare is the partial realization of that agenda.

No wonder governments at every level, municipal, county, state, or national, rabidly promote “civil rights” even as they trample liberty. No wonder politicians bamboozle racial minorities into settling for “civil rights” rather than true freedom. No wonder the ACLU is wrong even when it’s right. And no wonder we have lost all but a tiny portion of freedom as the list of “civil rights” lengthens.



10:56 am on January 21, 2013