• Standing Room Only For Lew At GMU

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    Lew packed ’em in tonight at George Mason University, in an address cosponsored by GMU’s economics department and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He promised that the text would be available soon. Good — it merits wide distribution, original, fascinating, and very well-received.

    The Q&A lasted almost an hour, after which Lew and a cohort of fans adjourned to a neighboring pub, while other attendees stayed in the hall for another hour discussing the ideas that had been raised. This was really an ideas-oriented crowd, unlike the bottom-feeders who were meeting with immense expense and gargantuan federal protection in the Center of Capitol Crimes in downtown DC.

    One questioner commented that, during his military service in Iraq, he had detected a widespread sense of rejection of the endless U.S. occupation there. That’s what the government is afraid of, said Lew.

    After years of sowing fear, the government now fears itself. That is a promising sign indeed for the future of freedom!


    9:23 pm on September 9, 2009