Stalin’s Parody

The more absurd Progressives become, the more I wonder whether they’re spoofing to see just how much we’ll swallow.

Take the “state-of-the-city” speech last night from New York City’s mayor, Bill “Stalin” de Blasio. It’s such a parody that even the űber-Progressive New York Slimes slyly critiques it throughout its report (e.g., when Stalin intoned, “Our goal is for elections to be funded primarily by public dollars, thereby greatly reducing the power of big money,” the Slimes helpfully points out, “Mr. de Blasio was the target of multiple investigations during his first term into his political fund-raising and the favors that donors sought in return. He often dodged questions about his ethics by saying that the role of money in politics should be reined in.” Love it! Usually, you have to head to websites such as this one for such trenchant commentary!)

Which brings me to the “chief democracy officer” Stalin wants to establish. Does that not sound like something right out of North Korea?! Oh, too good! This bureaucrat’s “job would be to solve ‘the problem of shrinking voter participation.’” Pssst, Stalin: I can tell you how to fix that, and I don’t even need $15 million, a commission, and 67 months to do so. Run appealing candidates with genuine ideas, such as repealing regulations and taxes, instead of corrupt political hacks who endlessly parrot the party line.  

What’s that? You think that’s a low blow because I’m talking about you? Well, buddy, if the shoe fits…


5:07 pm on February 14, 2018