SPLC’s Chief Architect of Hate Speech, Heidi Beirich . . .

. . . threatens to call the cops after a journalist merely asks her a question about SPLC employees’ accusations of racism and sexism at her place of employment.  This is the person who organizes all the libelous smears against any and all conservatives or libertarians who publicly oppose the Demo-Marxist Party agenda of totalitarian socialism.  If you have ever been compared by the SPLC to the KKK or Nazis for say, advocating free markets and academic freedom, believing in the Bible, criticizing welfare parasites, endorsing tax cuts, supporting federal immigration laws, defending the Constitution, or putting a “Ron Paul for President” bumper sticker on your car, this is the woman who was behind the SPLC’s libelous smearing of you.  She is the Joseph Goebbells of the Democrat Party.

Morris Dees protege Heidi Beirich is the self-appointed moral conscience of America, in other words, which is why the “mainstream media” have long treated her libelous smears as though they were the words of God.  I am shocked — shocked — that this beacon of morality would not speak with a lone journalist.  Instead, as seen in the video, she quickly waddles off squawking like a chicken and threatening to call the cops to stop a young journalist from asking her a few questions.  Who does this woman think she is?  Even the president never threatens to “call the cops” on journalists for merely asking questions.  She apparently thinks the First Amendment is a criminal act.  She’d rather hurl stink bombs at conservatives and libertarians in anonymity with her “intelligence reports” published not under her name, but under “SPLC.”  She is anonymous no more.


8:25 am on April 6, 2019