Sooner or Later, The Dictionary Will List “COVIDCon” and “Politicians” As Two Of “Hypocrisy’s” Definitions

They’re As Phony Up North As They Are Here reminded Gary from Central Florida of the overwhelming hypocrisy that has characterized COVIDCon from the start: 

…In the same vein we see the double standard all over the country with the arenas and the ballparks now letting in people at full capacity. What happened to the Bubonic Plague? What the great unwashed need to know when they line up for their $9 hot dogs and $12 beers is that they have been had. When they were forced into losing their jobs and businesses and were not allowed by their masters to see their parents or grandkids, the rich owners of sport teams were allowed to have their teams play out their seasons. The 800-lb gorilla in the room is the TV money guaranteed to the owners as long as the games were played. No paying fans but still tons of revenue from the TV contracts. Contrast that to the destruction of small business people who can only thrive with customers being allowed into their stores. Also, …the forced shutdown of Houses of Worship while athletes were running into each other and were in close contact for 2-3 hours playing Football and Hockey. 

Truly crimes against humanity. 

Indeed. And I eagerly await humanity’s revenge.


3:36 pm on June 21, 2021